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About the Game

The object of Ad Hominem is to make an argument using the assigned Logical Fallacy Method that is made to appeal to the audience rather than prove your point.

The game requires 3-5 players to play. One person will judge, and the two players to the judge’s left will debate. If the judge cannot make up his mind on a winner, any remaining players may weigh in, although final say still belongs to the judge.

Each speaker draws a Method, a card with a Logical Fallacy defined on it.

The judge will flip a coin to determine which speaker goes first, then draw a topic. Which position each speaker is to take will be outlined on the card based on speaker order.

Each speaker will have 3 turns to speak:

  1. Opening Statements
  2. Counter-Arguments
  3. Closing Statements.

The judge will declare a winner based on 3 points, one assigned for the winner of each turn in the debate. However, if it was determined that someone didn’t use their logical fallacy, they lose the round.


Video Examples:

Podcast (More Episodes HERE)