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The Podcast of Illogical Debate is Going on Indefinite Hiatus.

Hi, everyone! It’s Joel of the Illogical Debate fame! I’m writing to you today to share some sad news: The Podcast of Illogical Debate has come to an end, at least for now. Austin and I may still occasionally record gameplay of Ad Hominem: The Game of Illogical Debate for demonstration purposes, but the show, itself, is unlikely to receive any more scheduled content.

This project has been one of the most fun ones I’ve attempted, but it’s also been the most strenuous. Until I prepared and published my first episode of the podcast, I had no idea just how much time I would have to dedicate to editing, planning, scheduling, and networking, and when I think of all the work I’ve been doing on this podcast, all the work that still needs to be done to polish the game we play on it, and all the work I don’t have time to do because of the 6-10 hours out of my week this show can take, I cannot foresee a stable future for the show.

The last few times I’ve made updates like this, I had also expressed concerns that, perhaps, Austin and I would have to look for outside help just to make the work that goes into this show manageable. It was part of the reason asking Tyler to leave, while we all agreed it was perhaps what was best for the Incitement Studio brand, was such a difficult choice (I mean, other than the “having to tell bad news to a friend” part.) He was part of what made the show possible, in the beginning.

Why didn’t we keep recruiting? Well, as we were looking for a new third cast member, Austin and I discussed whether it was worth finding someone, or whether it was time to focus efforts elsewhere. He and I agreed that we needed to stop producing new episodes for now, and here are the reasons why:

First, and this was the most important factor, the effort that went into producing the show was coming out of the effort I should have invested in producing the game. After all, what’s the point in selling a concept if I can’t turn around and deliver on it?

Second, as Austin and I take on more responsibilities in other areas of our lives, we run into more and more issues trying to schedule recording times. This made it difficult to try and recruit guests for the Summer, but it also made it difficult sometimes to prepare episodes on time (I know there was at least one week in June we missed entirely.)

Third, for an attempt at selling an idea, the show was a mixed success at best. Whenever I put out a call, there were always people interested in coming on to play. The concept for the show was one people wanted to be a part of, but if my analytics have pointed out anything, it’s not something listeners have enjoyed interacting with. This just confirms that our efforts are better spent trying to promote the game than a show about it.

To everyone who’s supported us on our journey to this point, thank you. It’s not over until we’re published, and even that’s just the start of a new set of struggles! We hope you’ll stick with us when that time comes, as well!

Our last episode will be Episode 30, which has yet to be recorded, but we’re coming up with something special to end on.

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