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AdHominemCast 11: Emergency Situations

Joel and Tyler are alone again to record a from-the-deck game that brings about discussions on "superheroes," so called; the difference between "Can I" and "May I," if there really is one; and ending with a fight between a vampire and a werewolf. So, just a normal Monday. Also I named this episode at 1:35 in the morning so sorry it's not clever. Group of Illogical Debate: Want to learn more about the hosts? Go to Follow the podcast on Twitter @incitementgames, or on Facebook at and use the hashtag #AdHominemCast to share your feelings on the show, or to suggest new debate topics. Want to ask a question anonymously? email Remember to tell a friend, and If you have a moment, please leave a review on iTunes. Word of mouth is our only method of marketing, after all! Music credit: